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PRODUCTS / Handi Crafts

Kerala is renowned for its handicrafts which give fullness to its artistic concepts. At the Khadi Emporium is a rich collection of fabulous handicraft products of Wood, Brass & White Metal and also other artistic works bearing the stamp of Kerala like unadulterated Sandal Wood Oil, Herbal cosmetics, Jewellery, Rosewood Panels, Teapoys & Brass Pooja Articles, Sandal Wood & Leather Articles, Dolls & Gift Articles, Steel Cupboards, Cots & Wooden Furniture.

Sandalwood items include God Figures, Elephants, Paper Cutters, Book Marks, Key Chains, Gift Cards, Japa Malas, Jewellery Boxes, Photo Frames, Pocket Mirrors, Cart Elephants, Log Elephants, Pen Stands, Bathi Stands, Table Decoratives, Kum Kum Boxes, Mantaps, Fancy Articles, Powder, Paste, Flower Dust, Billets, Cardamom Garlands, etc.

Handicraft works in other wood like God Figures, Panels, Tea-poys, Boxes, Animals, Assorted Mandapams, Paintings, Assorted Articles, Mirror Works, Glass Paintings, Plate Stands, Laminated Panels, Teakwood Mandapams are also on display. Other handicrafts include Valampuri Shanku, Rudrakcharam Malas, Rudrakchara Beads, Marble Dust God Figures, Marble Taj Mahal, Marble Assorted Articles, Spatika God Figures etc.